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Who is Lisa

Hi, I am Lisa and I was born in Scotland.

I guess you could say I started travelling when I moved to London at seventeen and then went to live in New York for a few months at twenty-one. Over the years I have worked for a variety of travel companies starting as a Holiday Rep and working my way up to become a Resort Manager. It can be a tiring job (6days a week, on call 24hr hours a day!) but I love it! It is a great opportunity to live in a place and have experiences you would struggle to have in a short time there. I have called many places home over the years, the Greek Islands being my favourite.

I have taking time out to backpack extensively around India, Thailand, Andaman Islands, Sri Lanka and the Greek Islands (told you I love them!) Between working overseas and short breaks whilst at home  I have been fortunate to see various parts of America, Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, Cyprus, Portugal, Morocco, Egypt, Kenya, Spain (mainland and multiple islands), India, Ireland, Tunisia, Turkey, Malta, Italy, France and Cuba. (Sure I have missed a few here??) I am happy to slum it on my travels and love finding cheap places to stay and overnight travel as I think it is easier to mix with the locals this way and get a taster of how they live.

I have also had many a ‘real job’ when I do return home and I am currently back in Dundee studying creative writing as since starting I have discovered writing is a very important part of my life. I enjoy catching up with family and friends whilst here and think my time away makes me appreciate my home town more.

I love chocolate, photography, writing, long walks, exploring, laughing with friends, alone time, reading, eating yummy vegetarian food, the sunshine, lazy days at the beach, red wine (or rose in the sun) and the simple things in life. I have a bit of an obsession with polka dots, pretty ribbons and cherries on everything from notebooks and dresses to tattoos but I am not your typical girlie girl though and see make up and heels as a chore saved for special occasions only!

My life is on a constant change…I seem to have a battle between the ‘normal life’ at home and that of a nomad.  If only I can find a way to combine both lives and not have to battle between the two.

Scotland will always be my home but I am most alive when travelling. One day I hope to find the place I wish to spend the rest of my life. In the meantime I will keep searching, photographing, writing and travelling. Thanks for reading!

My blog is about my loves-un-life and my sunshine travels.

If you have enjoyed reading anything on my blog do talk to me by leaving a comment or let’s connect on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Gmail as below. Have a good day and I look forward to speaking to you soon. 🙂 🙂

Twitter: @LisaLoveSunLife

Facebook: lisalovesunlife


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