A quick stop for flowers,

Running around Tesco

‘Get a bargain’ you’d say,

90p? Hey presto!


Orange glow almost gone,

As I arrange your bouquet.

A moment for memories,

Next up it’s your birthday.




I offer you the dram,

OVD Rum of course.

I imagine you sipping,

Whilst watching a racecourse.


So many moments,

And visits to this place.

It’s all I have left,

Without you to embrace.





Back at home, I pour my own,

That potent scent for me needs coke.

Wishing I could have drank with you,

Why so young? It makes me choke.


I look through old photos,

When we were all together.

Filled with smiles and memories,

But nothing lasts forever.




Enjoy your drink and stay cozy,

While my cheeks remain rosy.

I promise to be on adventures,

Until I am old and needing dentures.

I will always be your Mona,

From India to Arizona!