When you are out I follow, that’s how it’s gone,

Plans made around your rays, knowing you’re not here long.

There has been bikini’s, books, picnics and barbeque,

Anything to be near you.

Shorts, vests, beaches and flip flops,

Sunglasses and skirts ready for walks.


You are still here, warmth from you,

But not for long, few patches of blue,

Chilly evenings, darker nights,

I can feel the winter bites.

Soon to be wearing tights

And turning on all the lights.



Eyes closed, skin bare,

A hint of warmth,

Then a breeze of air.

You improve my mood

And everything feels good.


Please don’t go,

And cause me woe,

Keep winter at bay,

I can’t wait till May;

The shrinking of your rays,

Bring dreams of holidays.



I hear the screams,

Then it’s Halloween.

Dark, dark, dark,

Likes to leave it’s mark.

The distance grows,

Until it snows.


I look for you or a hint of blue,

Nothing but clouds gives me the flu.

Frozen fingers and toes,

More layers of clothes.

I await the blessings you shall bestow,

Desperate to bring back my aglow.


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