I consider myself a savvy traveller yet my recent behaviour may now honour me a mention on this list! https://lisalovesunlife.com/2015/04/25/the-most-annoying-types-of-tourists/

Returning from Corfu, travelling with only hand luggage and pre-printed boarding passes I was able to arrive at a leisurely time, and proceed straight through security. Stocked up on Greek goodies I glanced at the screens to note the gate number and proceeded to sit in that area. When there was no sign of any aircraft at that gate and departure time looming I wandered up to check the boards again. A gate change; so I quickly ran to the new one, glanced at the screen displaying the brand name and on the flight outside, bingo! I ran to board, joining the end of a quickly disappearing queue.

Passport checked, boarding pass scanned and I am on my way home via the airport bus. On entering the aircraft my boarding pass is shown to the smiling cabin crew who wave me on. I observe the fairly full flight; note the seat numbers and then, oops, someone is in my chair. Bags are packed away overhead and a discussion ensues with the large family occupying the entire row. I consider just grabbing an empty seat to make peace but by now the eager to help cabin crew have got involved.


‘Oh you are flying to Glasgow’ chirps the man raising his eyebrows to his colleagues whilst managing to remain helpful and smiling (a face I am very familiar with from his side of the game). ‘We are going to Budapest’.

‘Oh, I am on the wrong flight’ I say, clearly stating the obvious and laughing whilst the other travellers are peering up from their seats, curious to see what sort of tourist could make this type of blunder.

I’m escorted to the front of the plane whilst humiliating calls are made for airport staff to come collect me. All other passengers are now seated and belted and we’re clearly holding up their flight, and possibly Glasgow too.

My travel companion thought this was the perfect selfie opportunity and apparently the smiles and waves of those destined for Budapest seem to agree with him. Disturbingly this happens more than you would think according to the cabin crew and normally people are a bit more worried than laughing.

Once the orange vested companion arrived I was walked back up into the terminal.  The staff that had previously scanned my ticket seemed dumbfounded by my return. The queue ahead for what was a clearly late flight to Glasgow was confirmed by the very familiar looking Scottish people waiting.

Now over the embarrassment of it all I was left deflated by my almost going to Budapest, but no you’re going home moment. I kind of wished I had just sat in an empty seat and had an extended holiday. Would anyone have noticed? Probably not!

Has this ever happened to you? Did you make it to the destination?