Have you ever been far away in some exotic country and fallen deeply in love with the barmaid at your hotel? Or are you a bit too friendly with that scuba guy even though you have no intention of going on his boat trip?  It must be incredible to meet the love of your life overseas and be together forever, but that is not what this post is about. It is about the other ones, the forgotten sunset beach walks and things you maybe don’t tell your friends back home._DSC0224

This is about the ‘Holiday Seducers’. Picture this; you have booked a holiday with your best friend to Morocco for two wonderful weeks. You are all set for camel rides in the desert and sunsets and cocktails in your hotel but on the first day, your friend meets a guy. You know the sort, somewhat handsome with smouldering eyes and words that could charm the hump off a camel. She is whisked off into a whirlwind romance, he takes her for walks on the beach, whispering sweet nothings in her ear and you are sitting lonely at the hotel bar wondering if you will see her over the next fortnight? A few days later his friend spots you and wants a piece of the action but ‘no sire am I falling for that trap!’ So you distance yourself trying to be nice but being forced to be a bit more direct when the message is not getting across. So the remainder of your holiday is mostly spent solo with the odd guest appearance from said friend who then proceeds to talk about ‘him’ for your limited time together.


Travel will take you to many destinations where you will see multiple 60 year old women with 20 something guys, or indeed the other way round. So why do some people fall for these seducers? Most of these people are older, with past life and relationship experience, some will be very aware of the cons attached to proceeding with the relationship but belief the gains are higher than the risks, others sadly get swept away in the moment blissfully unaware that the seducer is purely looking for a better paid job in the form of them, a few free meals and sex on tap for the remainder of their stay at which point they will then move on to the next one. I was once told by a hotel staff member that for every six woman he feeds his lines to he will get one of them into bed. Not only that but they will often return year after year to the same destination just to see him. Some even fork out high amounts of money to pay for clothes, mobile phones and houses, helping their new found lover in their moment of crisis.


Many people say the problem lies with bikini clad woman in countries where a flash of ankle is considered erotic. I disagree; I blame the tourists who have fallen for their tricks year after year making it difficult for the rest, particularly solo travellers. I have had to be a hard ass at times, covering up in the blistering heat with a ‘not going to happen’ stern look on my face. I don’t mean to be harsh here to those who are looking for a bit of love and affection but the truth is I have been known to wear fake wedding rings, have been reduced to swearing when a polite no is seen as try harder, and have had to literally move my beach spot four times in one day to get away from multiple seducers. I can’t even feel comfort in the fact that these issues may lessen as I get older as there is clearly no age boundaries here.


When working as a holiday rep I was in one resort where a waiter had a little black book (literally, no joke) and used to ask me for advice on things to say in correspondence to his multiple ladies overseas. There was an English, Scottish, German, Australian and Canadian that were all regular visitors to the hotel, to see him. He also had his one offs he would get lucky with, not all old, some were young and beautiful so I was sure to warn any young vulnerable lady guests to watch out. Anyway I remember seeing him at the airport one day saying goodbye to his English ‘girlfriend’, there was hugs and tears and promises to keep in touch. After she ran tearfully through to departures he wiped his face, walked with me to arrivals, picking up a bunch of flowers on route and happily told me his German girlfriend was about to arrive. This is how his year went; meticulously remembering dates, names and facts about them. This guy was smart, and I know there are many others like him.


Working in tourism overseas also makes you a potential target, for any Holiday Reps out there. You are sex on tap for six months and have the added ability to bring hordes of tourists into the family restaurant. I was so paranoid of being seduced that the couple of seasonal boyfriends I had in my rep days had a battle on their hands to convince me otherwise. Working closely with a lot of these guys within the ‘travel seducer’ category really gave me a great insight into their minds and I became aware that they are merely a production of their environment and actually nice people at heart. You as a traveller can help us all by being aware of the situation, make the most of your holiday by enjoying your destination and use your instincts when it comes to love.


This post is meant clearly as an insight to the reality of the situation. I am very happy to hear about your experience on this topic? Are you once bitten twice shy or do you have a positive story to share? Please comment below 🙂