Walking – No matter how central you are or what you plan to do, it is almost impossible to avoid walking in Vegas. If you are a bit further out like we were (Stratosphere) you will walk your socks off. I heard someone in the Paris Hotel comment about her fit-bit giving her rewards every day with all the walking she had been doing. One way to deal with all the buffets and large food portions I suppose.


Go see a show – We listened to recommendations from friends who had visited and also a review in the Rough Guide and decided on ‘O’ by ‘Cirque de Soleil’. Unfortunately one of the most expensive shows and one that there is no half-price ticket option for but it was most definitely worth it for this magical and captivating show set around water, well worth the extra dollars. We did not time it very well though and not wanting to lose our pennies or miss the show I had to sprint in heels through the Bellagio, luckily not landing on my face in the process.

Bellagio Water Fountain – Yes you have seen it on pretty much every modern day movie set in Vegas but believe me it is really not the same as seeing it in person. Best to go at night when you can also experience the colourful light and music display that is an hourly show. There are people going around selling beers as you fight for the best viewing spot around the exterior wall of the fountain just before the hour. The shows vary too so make the time to see a few at least, a great viewing point is also from the Paris restaurant if hanging around outside is not quite your thing.

The Hotels – Each lavish exterior design follows through to the interior of these magnificent hotels. The lobby, casinos and restaurants are open to all so venture into as many as possible. You will quickly have your favourites. I will be writing a post of my recommendations soon so look out for that!

Gambling – What I thought a lot of time would be spent doing. Not so as it turns out, there is so much to see that your first visit to Vegas is not in fact all about the gambling. Do make sure to spend a bit of time at the tables, on the old school slot machines and get a feel for the great atmosphere in the casinos. Top tip, carry your passport around, you are likely to be asked for this when betting at the tables.

Food and singing at Roxy’s – This diner is located within Stratosphere Hotel. It is on many a list of top ten things to do in Vegas and as soon as we arrived, checked in and hunger settled it was our first food stop. We walked into this wonderfully authentic 50’s style diner with a welcome from the Glee style singers who were also our waiting staff for the evening. The menu is written in the style of newspapers and with $5 cocktails and a vegetarian burger on the menu it was a great place for our first meal and a must do in Vegas.

Visit Downtown – I loved this area so much I have written about it separately. Please read https://lisalovesunlife.com/2016/04/30/7-reasons-why-you-should-visit-downtown-vegas/

Welcome to Vegas Sign – All very cheesy I know and was not on our original list but recommended by a friend. The sign is at the opposite end from downtown so we caught the bus all the way there and after avoiding the large queue of people waiting to have their photographs taken by the gentleman who now make a living by standing at the sign all day it was really a few quick photos, a selfie and we were heading back to the main strip again. It is not life changing and maybe you won’t bother making the effort but it was a great opportunity to see all the hotels at the end that we may have missed otherwise.

Stratosphere Observation Deck – Although just away from the main strip this is still one of the well-known hotels and most people will visit to venture into the lift to climb the 107 floors in less than a minute. It’s an ear popping time but the views are incredible. For you adventure junkies there is the Sky Jump (terrifying to watch) or the Insanity and scream rides but if you are looking for a more relaxing time there is a café and souvenir shop also located on this floor after you have taken in the incredible view. Check out my zoomline story at


Bus passes – Unless you plan to spend most of your time in one hotel the bus service is a lifesaver for when your feet have had enough of pavement stomping. Obviously busy traffic times can mean you need to add extra time to your journey but the easiest way to get around for things at a distance from your hotel and I only really ever found traffic an issue at the evening during the weekend. A three day pass for $20 is the best value ticket.

Wedding Chapel –They are everywhere. If travelling with your partner taking a holiday snap outside one of these is one sure way to get your friends and family guessing. Even better why not ask some random passer-by to pose for a photo and remember what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas 😉

Did you do anything different? Feel free to share your thoughts below.

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