Yes I know, always a fan of the underdog but here are my seven genuine reasons why you should make a trip downtown and escape the strip for a day or two.


Vintage Vegas – I love the history of the place and how it all evolved way back in the 1930’s. It is downtown Vegas that breathed life long before the strip was even thought about. You have to admit the strip is so vast, modern and dare I say it a  bit pretentious, whereas Downtown does what it says on the tin. You can imagine all the old time movie stars and the glamour that would have walked through here in the 50’s and 60’s until the main players started to build away from downtown in the 80’s taking away a lot of the visitors.

Freemont Street – Here is where all those well-known hotels are. Think Golden Nugget and 4 Queens, you recognise the names instantly as the original Vegas old school classics. I love that the area is indoors now too, giving a shopping centre feel and perfect for a rainy day with entertainment going on throughout. (James Bond fans will know ‘Diamonds are forever’ was also filmed here’).

Food and Drink – Fresh food stalls located right next to Freemont Street offering everything from fried chicken to curries including special dietary requirement of vegan and gluten free options. A great way to avoid hotel buffet prices and do some people watching while you eat. Who doesn’t love street food? Or there is always the world famous ‘Heart Attack Grill’ with the ambulance parked outside. The cocktail bar as pictured is also an interesting sight in the heart of Freemont Street.

Zoomline and Zipline – Unless you are new to my blog you will already know that I faced my fear by tackling the zoomline and flying like superman. This was our main reason for venturing downtown in the first place and it is certainly another reason to love this place. An expreience I will never forget. Read my post at to learn more on my experience.

Art and Culture – Street art is evident on many a wall here but there is also relics and signs from old casino hotels who have not survived to tell their own tale dotted around downtown. My favourite piece is of course the big red shoe, yes that feature image. The art district has many galleries, cool bars and independent shops for you to explore. It may surprise you to know that downtown is also home to many museums including The Natural History Museum, Neon Museum and the Mob Museum. So if you are fed up wandering around casinos after casino take your pick of a variety of museums to visit.

Bus Route – If you are already walked out tackling the strip there is a super regular bus service which takes you all the way to downtown. Invest in a three day past and you can also use it to hop on and off throughout the strip.

More personal space – The strip at the weekends can be crazy and going from Caesars to Bellagio can take forever even though they are just next door to each other. Downtown is much more chilled; there are generally not as many people to barge past so it leads to a more relaxing experience if you need a break from the crowds.

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So what is your thoughts on Downtown Vegas? Or are you more a fan of the glossy strip?