This month I attended my first ever blogging event, I have learned way more than I can write and am now eager to attend anything blogger related that I possibly can. Here is a small list of what sticks out for me from the event (without looking at my multiple pages of notes, which I still have to get round to reading!)

Writing is writing – Prior to Abi King’s workshop on writing I had always viewed my blog and other writing I do in a fictional sense completely differently. Abi showed me that writing styles, key words and spoken voice can all be adapted for my personal blog as well as any fiction work I do.Follow Abi @abigailking

Travel Videos are captivating-  Although I would never have previously considered it thanks to Greg Brand of @travizeo I am open to capturing video and it was great to discover that I do not need fancy equipment to get great footage.

Cardiff is beautiful – It felt very like Scotland, lots of statues, street art, beautiful buildings, cute café’s and castles. Oh and rain! But I liked that although it was my first visit I instantly felt at home in the place and will certainly look into visiting again. Check out @visitwalesbiz for more details.

Check dietary requirements – Ideally in advance but if that is not an option and the menu looks like a no go then ask, thanks to @thatfishguy1 and @TraverseEvents for feeding me well despite my fussiness.

Graffiti is fun – For the Sunday experience I chose the graffiti workshop with my friend @vagabondbaker where we had the pleasure of meeting @FootstepsontheG. It was a great opportunity to learn the basics (it is most definitely not my calling!) and have a deeper appreciation for street art. Check out for more details.

Blogging can be a career – Monica Stott’s workshop on taking the leap to full-time blogging gave me a great insight into the reality of blogging as a job, the journey from hobby to career and how one post a week can be enough (quality over quantity!) Follow Monica @TheTravelHack

Network – I had every intention to be proper sociable but instead I chose to seek solace in my group of few, opportunities on meeting and learning from other bloggers not used to full advantage (mental note for my next blogger event!).

Freebies – I am a sucker for freebies, especially anything branded with companies that will fill me with wanderlust. Thanks to @cathaypacificUK @I_LOVE_NY @ExpediaUK @visitwales @Skyscanner and @icelollyholiday for all your goodies, although my favourites have to be the Cathay Pacific monkey who we now call Billy and the beautiful pillar red notebook from Icelolly.

Great guided tour at the castle – Generally when visiting historical buildings I like to wander around on my own, linger where I like and not feel guilty about stopping every two minutes to take lots of photos so generally I avoid guided tours, however I highly recommend paying the extra £3 for one at Cardiff Castle. Not only did we get a great insight into the history of the place, learn lots about the past occupants but we also got to see into rooms that you can only access on the tour. Highly recommended! Check out for more details.

#redwine – The ability to tweet your drink orders and they be delivered to you. Can we roll this out to every bar all over the world please?

Great Value for money – a day filled with workshops from the experts sharing their secrets, freebies, food and drink, Sunday experiences and two evening events of more free drink. Traverse you are a bargain!

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