It started with watching you tube videos. I agreed, loving the idea of the unknown and facing the fear.

I am here now. We have paid $80 and I have a wristband tied tight telling me my time to fly. Literally, I am going to be shot out of an open latch, high above to fly like superman.

With an hour to kill we explore the area, grab some southern food and occasionally glance up to see those, whose time has come before me and they are flying above my head, a reminder of what is to come.

It is 2.15pm. I need to queue in five minutes. Enough time for my obligatory selfie, a forced smile, looking up to what awaits.

I am weighed, strapped up in a large baby grow then sent off in an elevator. I glance outside as we go up, up and up. I wonder if leaving is an option.

Those in front of me strapped on the beds now, final checks are made, they are lifted up, the latch opens and they are away flying high up in the sky going further and further until they are no longer in my vision.

You wanted this, yet you are stumbling, wary. You were bored with the mundane, every day routine. You wanted to try something different, be truly adventurous and this is your chance.

You can do this, you don’t believe it but you can. Your worried about asthma attacks, anxiety taking over, your camera bag fallen and all your holiday snaps gone forever, the cost of a new camera. You imagine fallen, being that other type of video, the statistic, the reason they have to evaluate all their safety procedures and invest in further training.

You can do this. Don’t look at the others, it is your time, your moment. You are strapped in, secure and ready to go.

Your fear is stretched across your face when that latch is opened and you see the elevation. You ready?’ I ask. ‘No, but it is happening!’ is all you manage to reply.

You are off, you are high up in the sky, looking up to the clouds, now closer than ever. The fear evaporates into the biggest ever grin. The type that makes you look like you swallowed a coat hanger. You look down below, passing cars, tourists walking by. You are souring like a butterfly.


You achieved greatness, thrived on adrenaline. You might one day zip line through a jungle in Costa Rica or jump out a plane in New Zealand but for now you are content. You did it and it has opened up new doors, new potential for what else you can do.


Then it is over, I reach the platform and smile for the camera as I am safely lifted from my harnesses and set free. Back on land, I am overjoyed and proud. So, so proud. That was incredible.

I look at my fellow flyer and say ‘can we do it again?’