You’re meeting a friend for a coffee, you have not saw them in months but as soon as the initial ‘how are you?’ is out of the way and the coffee served you can’t see their face. Well you can but most of it is obscured by a mobile telephone bigger than your compact camera. Remember that unused once loved item that is packed away in the back of a cupboard somewhere as we now use our mobile for taking photos too.

2014-11-25 14.57.44

I will apologise in advance for this comment as I appreciate I am in the minority and your gran could probably teach me a thing or two about mobile applications. I like my laptop. I like using my Gmail, WordPress, Facebook and Twitter (also a new thing for me!) where it is all big and I can see things clearly. I have a small-ish mobile that up till now has been mainly used for making actual telephone calls and texting. It is an android so I can access internet when needed but I have refused to download any apps as I do not want to become the friend with ‘half a face’ you meet for coffee, or the sister who replies ‘um’ once you reach the end of a lengthy conversation as I was so engrossed in the latest mobile gaming app I caught the last three words. 


I also do not want my life to be taken up with my phone beeping with every email, like, comment or follow on my account particularly when I am asleep. I get angry if my mobile provider sends me a text that will inevitably wake me up at an unearthly hour.

So today I did something unthinkable and I downloaded some apps. I was not exactly surprised that each app so proudly states the billions of people who have beat me to it. Am I seriously the only one without them?? So here I am; filled with fear about the lack of sleep I have ahead of me or the mobile shaped eyes I may gain from staring at the tiny screen, but it had to be. The world and the future of technology dragged me into 2016.I even had to reset all my passwords as the laptop remembers them all for me and I had forgotten them.


What is next? I may have to join Instagram so I can update you with a photo of every event or latest batch of hummus I make (I might have to get over my fear of selfies before that happens though).Will I have to buy a bigger mobile? Will my battery life no longer last five days?

p.s I am relying on you all to stop me from turning into that ‘half a face’ girl. Well that is if any of you happen to put your phone down long enough to even notice I am there. 😉

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