I have been fortunate to travel to this idyllic hidden beach in the south of Goa twice. I went on what you might call an ‘educational trip’ prior to working as a Rep in the north at the start of the season. I of course instantly fell in love with the place and highly recommended it for all my guests. At the end of the season and before my tour of India began I managed to sneak in another visit. This is why! 🙂


The journey from north Goa does take a few hours and the last twenty minutes are as expected when moving from a road onto a bumpy excuse for a dirt track. This section of the trip gets you just close enough to boiling over when your driver suddenly stops and you are faced with the most perfect beach view ever. Then you remember you shall actually be spending the night in this tranquil paradise. 🙂

Once you walk down the rickety stairs you are greeted by the friendliest man you may ever meet who is in fact the owner. You are likely to be fed a refreshing Lime Soda (a must try!) which is basically  soda, fresh lime juice with either salt, sugar or both. You will linger at the view of this spectacular beach from the comfort of the cafe area before going off to find your tent for the night.

The tents here are definitely ‘Glam-ping’ and not in anyway slumming it, you have your own private shower and toilet room. (Someone did have a coconut drop onto their tent whilst they were in the loo, massive fright but all was ok!) Yes you may get the odd creepy crawly in here but come on you are at one with nature, here to take time out from your otherwise materialistic life. Relax!

There is scheduled times for meals but the rest of the time you are free to explore the beach beyond your private section, relax on the sunbeds provided, be sociable in the cafe area or have a siesta in your lovely tent. This place really is an escape from a hectic life, your phone is unlikely to get much signal down here (although  I do belief they have internet access now) so breath, be carefree, take it all in and enjoy!

The meals here were yummy, all buffet style, mostly local dishes and plenty of choice for veggies too (India caters for us well) There is a bar where you can order soft drinks (including cola obviously!) and alcohol too.

There are various sections of the beach. I discovered this on my second visit when our taxi driver dropped us off at the main drop and we had to walk quite a bit for the area we had booked. Some of the other resorts we passed looked very different and had a lot more tents. I imagine that they would be a bit cheaper to book. As always do your research if you plan to visit this area. You can have your wedding here and I believe they do yoga retreats too.

You will experience an incredible sunset from Cola Beach. My photos do not do it justice. You must go see it for yourself. It is quite literally the perfect way to mark the transition from day to night. The evening entertainment is not to be missed. The girls really do give it their all. There was a few mistakes made, which I believe only added to the experience of it all. There is also a log fire which continues after the entertainment and is great way for you to chat to the other guests.

You trot back to your room at the end of the evening, happy fulfilled and ready for a brilliant sleep. The beds are comfortable (proper mattresses!) and the sound of the waves will ensure you drift off to sleep and awake refreshed and ready for another day! 🙂 I am a terrible sleeper and I remember this as being one of my best ever slumbers.


So have you been to Cola Beach? or somewhere similar in another part of the world? Please share your experience by leaving a comment below.

I stayed at www.colabeach.com I was not paid for writing this article this is a personal recommendation only based on my own experience.