So I had a great response last year to the ‘Most annoying types of tourists’ blog but who exactly are these Holiday Reps looking after them? What brings them into the job? And is it the tourists we should have sympathy for sometimes? I can see myself in a few of these descriptions, how about you?

Running From Life Rep – You will find out very quickly after meeting them the dramas at home that forced them to pack up their bags and run. You will wish you did not find out the full details, of which you will hear about over and over again. Unfortunately you will not be the only one, the poor guests will have to listen to it too. Everyday.


Looking for a man Rep – Usually within the first season this rep will have found their husband and be breeding in no time. They will take to the local life like a duck to water and if you meet them the following year they will have magically transformed into a local and will be working in the family restaurant/hotel. Which will likely become your new local hang out.

The Party  Rep – Usually found in the 18-30 resorts but on occasion get lost in the quieter spots where you can spot the fear as soon as they realise there is no nightclub locally. They can run a bar crawl like a military exercise with precise routine whilst being absolutely hammered, every night, all year round and somehow managing to make it into work the next morning.


Exploring the World and Themselves Rep – These reps want to see the world and travel but do not have the limitless bank account to fund this so become a Rep to see as  many places as the job will allow. They will spend their day off exploring new beaches, historical sites, hidden villages and will curse you for wasting yours.

The Shag Pad Rep – This Rep got into the job by travelling to ‘Shagaluf’ one year and seeing how many people were throwing themselves at their rep during the week. I never understood it myself but you could get the most unattractive person ever, throw a bright coloured and badly fitted polo shirt on them and they become a pulling machine without the Lynx. It truly is incredible. They will likely keep tally and proudly update you on the latest one whenever you see them. They will likely leave a few broken hearts in their wake which you may end up having to be the shoulder for the pour soul to cry on.


Finding a New Home Rep – The one who is lucky enough to find a place they want to call home. Enough so that they make it happen, without the man, perhaps even with kids in tow. They may continue to work as a rep or carve out a new career and a social life in this new found place. Hats off to you! 😉

The One Season Rep – Sometimes a student wishing to fill a few months but often someone who was no longer interested in the role when they realised it is not a party and you have to actually work your ass off in boiling temperatures at least six days a week, work long hours and deal with the emergency phone ringing at all hours of the day and night.


The Turkey/Spain/Greek Rep – The Rep who found the country to suit them and does not wish to work anywhere else. ‘Destination Snobbery’ is what I like to call it. If removed they will suffer from culture shock when out of their language, scenic and food comfort zone and get back to where they belong as quickly as possible, a mistake never to be repeated.

The Alcoholic Rep – Do not mistake these with the party rep, these are not sociable creatures. They will attend any mandatory team outings but the rest of their free time is spent indoors with multiple bottles of wine/Vodka etc. You will never see them drinking it all but will have the misfortune of constantly breathing in the alcohol fumes from the night before or thier breakfast, who knows? I am sure it is a joy for the guests too.


I am not qualified to do much else Rep – May have left school and had one job that involved working with people and have been in the job ever since. They often don’t particularity enjoy it but they do not believe there is anything else they can do and don’t fancy going home and starting all over again. Who can blame them.

The Career Rep – You can spot the eagerness and ambition a mile off with these ones. They will climb their way up that career ladder quicker than you can get your uniform on in the morning. They do not take any prisoners and watch out, some of them will happily step all over you on the way up.


The How did you even get the job Rep – There is two types in this category the one who spends more time on the beach than at work (and gets away with it?!) and the other that causes trouble wherever they go. Both as bad as the other and often manage to keep the job for years in spite of this. You will no doubt have to do extra work at one point to fix a mess or calm an angry guest that they have riled up.

May as well be at home Rep – They will refuse to taste any local food, learn any of the language, have arrived with a suitcase full of British stables and spend their spare time catching up on every UK soap opera on the television.


So, any others I have missed?