• Travel is not just about the journey, the destination needs to hold excitement too.
  • A home is important, belongings are comforting but it is crucial not to get lost in the middle of your ‘things’.
  • We are vulnerable to the devils but we must continue to live our lives amidst ongoing tragedies, there is no place to hide.
  • When thinking of your past, you mostly only remember the good stuff.
  • Christmas in the UK is madness. We overspend, get stressed and no longer care about for whom or what you are buying. However as a nation we need that day more than most.
  • I am addicted to making soup, its good for the body and the soul.
  • We are killing the earth, and the scariest thing is that most people do not even care. They continue to bring life into this world and don’t consider what scary realities the future holds.
  • Gaining work is no longer easy (Employers are clearly starting to see a ‘travel break’ pattern forming in my CV), finding a job you enjoy is even more difficult. Making a living is not the same as making a life.
  • The Vegetarian to Vegan journey is proving to be easier than expected. (not so sure how it will be when travelling?)
  • I discovered that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one.
  • We are all getting old, there is no escape. Make it count!
  • I am really not made for Scottish winter (good thing I never made it to Lapland!) I actually need to feel sun on my skin, it is no longer just a preference.
  • You may one day fit back into your old jeans.
  • We must always treat each other with kindness, even if it is all you have to offer.
  • I make Cherry Jam and Cranberry sauce that are yummy. (oh and cherries grow in Dundee!)
  • I can write a blog, that occasionally people read and it is actually therapeutic.
  • Finally…I have learned that I still have a lot to learn 🙂

What lessons did 2015 teach you?