On a cold December evening in Scotland when sunshine feels like a distant dream I thought it was time to make a travel list, not a lifetime one of course, that would go on forever but places I wish to travel to in the not so distant future.

  • Indonesia – Beaches, culture, history and food. What is not to love and lots of sunshine as long as you avoid rainy season. When can I go?
  • New York – It was my first ever solo trip overseas and when I realised the world was there to be discovered. I have photos of the twin towers and need to revisit to see what has changed in the place and me since that long ago trip.
  • Australia – How have I not yet been? Multiple friends and family with sofas ready for me and yet I have still not taking the plunge. Must make the longest flight journey ever at some point, and think of the all the places I could go to on a stopover?
  • Vietnam – Because everyone who goes loves it and recommends it to me so what other reason do I need?
  • Croatia – I imagine an old worldly place yet to be spoiled by tourism, must see it before it changes.
  • South America – Yes I know its vast and has multiple countries, I imagine taking the bus from one end to the other, so its clearly not a two week vacation so when to take the plunge…
  • China – I owe it to my teenage self to at least visit an orphanage in China. I am also possibly more so excited to see Pandas in Wolong Nature Reserve. I can not guarantee that I will not come home without a baby panda or an orphan of course.
  • The Caribbean – Yes I have been to Cuba which may be one of my most memorable trips so how can I not venture to more places. Do I need to mention again how much I love real beaches and glorious sunshine!
  • Greece, Greece, and more Greece – My favourite place. Mykonos, Peloponnese, Kalamata, Thessaloniki, Thasos. Many new places to discover. Plus I am always keen to return to Parga, Kefalonia and Ithaca.
  • The Kelpies – Not likely to get sunshine on this visit but thought I best list something closer to home and I really do want to see them. Giant horse sculptures, whats not to love? 🙂