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I knew the day the clocks changed and the mornings got darker that you would be back soon. I tried to ignore you, did not want to admit to your inevitable presence.

You slowly crawled back in when I was not looking, not prepared, too busy living to notice you.

Gradually you made your presence known, in my sleep, my work, my thoughts, my appetite and my lethargy. You wormed your way back into my world.

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Behind you I know the sun still shines, I can no longer feels its glistening rays, you have made sure of that, but it is still there.

You have not changed, I recognise all your moves.

Now that you are here, sit down, I’ll get the kettle on.

I have changed, I am not that girl you can walk all over. I am no longer scared of you. You will not manipulate my brain with your overbearing ways.

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When you were off tormenting others I got stronger you see. I learned how to overcome you. I will no longer let you define my thoughts, my actions, my choices in life.

I know you will not be content until you have tried in every way you can to defeat me. Go ahead, I have no fear. Give it your best shot as I am the powerful one now.

So don’t unpack…your not staying long!