I remember this day 25yrs ago when we lost you like it was yesterday. Maybe some people just aren’t meant to be in our lives forever. Maybe some are just passing through our lives to bring us something: a gift, a blessing, a lesson we need to learn, and that’s why they’re here an you’ll have that gift and those memories forever.



I hope you liked your bright and sunny yellow roses I brought to you today, I know if you saw the packaging you would be turning in your grave.’ M&S?’ I imagine you saying, ‘Do you think this is Butlins?’ But don’t you worry dad I learned my penny scrimping ways from you, they were half price in the sale.

 I very rarely buy clothes full price thanks to you, I got a jacket for £2 the other day, Bargain!  Shame I did not think the same when you were here, maybe we could have saved some money on that black denim/plait skirt and jacket combo I remember begging for from the catalogue.  Day old cakes from the bakers were our weekly delights, I could have anything I wanted and it is probably why I have such a sweet tooth now.


I read a lot thanks to our regular library…

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