Health is something we quite often take for granted. Whether you are a fitness freak,healthy eater, average Joe or a lazy fast food eater there will be elements of your life when you are not considering your health at all. Social drinking, smoking, coffee or whatever else you may indulge in knowing fine well they are not good for you regardless of what you do to take care of yourself throughout the week.

Our body will quite often give us clear signs of when something is wrong. We all know f your immune system is down you are likely to catch infections, changes in temperature also make you vulnerable.

I am an asthmatic. It is quite possible you know me personally and are completely unaware of this fact. If you are a smoker I probably give you the dreaded glare as you light up a cigarette, knowing I will later pay the price for inhaling your cigarette toxins. Excessive exercise exasperates it, which is my clear excuse to avoid it where possible ;). Dust is also a nightmare, but no one is going to clean for me so I have to get on with it!


The time I spent in India was definitely more problematic being asthmatic and no doubt added to my stint in the hospital, but I still enjoyed my trip and while being aware of my breathing, tried not to let it affect the amazing lifetime experience.

I go into caves, tunnels and even deep into a pyramid in Egypt despite being aware I probably should not and I am always keen to get out as soon as I feel the tightening in my chest becoming too much. However in every day life Asthma does not really affect me.

So imagine my surprise when during a regular day at work my seemingly controlled illness creeps up on me and I have not one but two asthma attacks in two hours. As they are rare and not wanting to face up to reality of it all. I trotted back to work despite a colleague correctly suggesting I should go home.


I should have gone home. The second one was more frighting and the fear of ‘what the fuck is happening’ also took over resulting in a rather public and embarrassing drama! In the end it was a trip to A&E and a few days of home rest to recover.

I ignored my body giving me a clear signal something was wrong. At the end of the day, without our health we have nothing. So I promise to not ignore any future signals and stop when I am told, you are the boss after all! Will I still enter that cave or tunnel on my travels? maybe..but I will clearly think through my actions and have plenty of medication handy!

Today I am incredibly grateful to be breathing! đŸ™‚