1. My day does not start or end with make up:It is quite possible for me to go months without it.Yeah I am getting older and don’t carry off the fresh faced look now but I still don’t freak myself out enough to fit this into my day or life…maybe when I’m in my 40’s?
  2. I really dislike shopping: I reluctantly go shopping when I actually need something, not for fun and I will NEVER do this on a Saturday… In fact if at all possible I will order it online or go without it. (Face and body creams are my only exception)
  3. My life has not revolved around finding a man: Yes they can be amazing and I am in a long term relationship but not because I went searching for it or was obsessed with finding one…men are everywhere, why do you need to hunt for one? Enjoy your time alone don’t waste it chasing!
  4. I hate ironing/cleaning etc etc: I am filled with dissapointment if a new dress I love is a wrinkled mess after its first wash as I know that means I will hardly ever wear it. I hate living in dirt…that is the only reason I will clean, there is no enjoyment..
  5. It is ok that I am not a size 8: There was a brief time way way back when I was, I have no interest in being there again. I am always freezing as it is, I need my fat stores thank you very much. Also I love my food, yes I try to eat healthy stuff but I need to in order to justify the other crap that gets poured in my mouth!
  6. I don’t go ‘ga ga’ at a strangers baby: Children are incredible creatures and I adore spending times an watching them grow if I love the adults who created them. The rest I don’t care much for, sorry!!
  7. I can’t remember the last time I wore heels: Well actually it was a few months back when I unpacked my belongings and slipped on an old pair to wander round my flat ( kinda like how a little girl would do with her mothers) but actually outside, I think it has been years?
  8. I will very often be in a room full of women and question if I should have been a man: I have no interest in celebrity lifestyles, bitching about a woman I have not even met before nor do I get excited at wedding talk from someone who has yet to be proposed too?! Then I remember I hate football so I am clearly not a man either.
  9. I quite like to rough it: Hotels, travel, camping whatever. You aint learning nothing about your limits in a 5* life.
  10. My eyebrows are getting out of hand: after over-plucking as a teen, I decided to grow them out many months ago. Now its just an excuse not to pluck, wax whatever.
it is hot out, surely the creases will fade..
it is hot out, surely the creases will fade

I am a woman and I am proud to be. I just wish sometimes there was a few more around that thought like me 🙂

me in heels!
me in heels!
roughing it in india
roughing it in india