I have recently updated my phone when my my last one finally gave up the ghost after an eventful bath, toilet,bin, multiple travels and finally a very bubbly basin of water got the better of it. (I am reluctantly dragged forward by technology!)

well, what can I say?
well, what can I say?

About to embark on another solo trip overseas I thought I would experiment with the ‘Selfie’ option. I must confess to being a selfie hater and the fact that social media is now filled with them ( when did looking like a goldfish/duck become sexy?)


So I am off to Spain, a trip to  Barcelona and Tossa de Mar. I could not bring myself to do the airport/flight/coach selfie but tried to keep it real and use it for the scenery and culture. Neither could I bring myself to pout, even for the purpose of the blog and humour factor. Here is what I discovered about ‘Selfies’.


  • It is not as easy as it looks (hat’s off to those of you who seem to know what the hell to do).
  • I can now understand why you need a ‘selfie stick’ to take proper ones with scenery etc.
  • 20151019_113737
  • Any form of sun/glare means I can not even see what I am looking at?? (unsure if this is a common problem or my cheap phone).
  • I really need to venture to the dentist to deal with the damage from falling on my face (will call on Monday!).


  • You feel equally like a plonker and a poser when taking them.
  • People still politely stop as think you are taking a photo of something in the other direction and you are too busy looking at yourself to even notice.


  • I look way worse than I do in normal photos as I instantly squint and pull funny faces.
  • I am clearly crap at them.


  • I am so…not vain
  • They have a place if something is eventful/travel/funny/photos with friends etc. Otherwise I cant get past the poser thoughts, sorry!
I felt like less of an idiot taking this than a selfie
I felt like less of an idiot taking this than a selfie