My idea of shopping..
My idea of shopping in Morocco

I have recently started working in the money spending world of retail. As I am not a big shopper (living from a suitcase will do that to you) and am filled with dread if a friend suggests meeting in any town or city on a Saturday afternoon and going shopping it may seem like an unlikely choice. I do however enjoy a challenge and a change of career and it really is no surprise that there is always a lesson to be learned.

Pretty little things – I am  beginning to understand the importance of a little shopping to cheer someone up. I love the smiles on peoples faces when I can rummage and find exactly what they are looking for. I know it is all material in the large scheme of things but if I can put a smile on someones face where is the harm in that? Sometimes we all need pretty little things!

OCD Tendencies – Cleaning, tidying, organising. Things get so messy very quickly. Even more so when small children are involved. If only my flat was so clean and tidy.

A cute little shop in Nice.
A shopping fairytale in Nice.

Poor Men – Do not take them with you, unless it is your gay best friend they will not know a great outfit from a fashion disaster and they will say anything to get you out of the shop (and roll their eyes when you are not looking!). I have literally saw the colour drain from their faces after three weeks of Saturday shopping for one item. Leave them at home to watch the sport. If you need a second opinion take along a female friend.

My Opinion Counts – This was probably the most surprising. Complete strangers asking me what they think suits them best? Oh the pressure, but I am honest and I quite like that they almost always go with my choice. Gift choosing is fun, I get a run down of age, personality, career and have to pick a gift 🙂

Living in excess – On a serious note we are a nation of credit and living beyond our means. Yes if you work full time you deserve those treats but find the balance please, nothing is worth a lifetime of debt! Shopping for some is a bit like gambling..dangerous and addictive!


Regulars – Already I recognise the familiar faces and learn more about them on each visit. Some talk like old friends sharing their antidotes and plans for the day with me. Some will come back bringing friends along too.

Smile – It costs nothing, makes you and everyone else happier. Miserable people should not be allowed to work in front line customer facing jobs. FACT!