My things – Unpacking my personal belongings literally feels like Christmas every day. I can use them, look at them and wear them whenever I like.

My own space – Having my own little flat that I can make pretty, girly and do as I like with and know I will not have to leave it in three to six months unless I want to.

Real Days off – no one expects you to work on your day off in the real world and you get two days every week all to yourself. There is even paid holiday and bank holidays as extras.

No emergency phone – no one is going to call you at 3am drunk to demand you deal with their query…sleeping bliss.

DVDs – I can watch any of my own whenever I like and I can rent, buy or download any movie or boxset I want. Catch up time!


Shops – So much choice and I don’t have to worry about how heavy things are and if it will fit into a suitcase.

How Scottish I am – My accent has become so strong again, sometimes I need a minute to translate the words in my own head.

Food – The choice in supermarkets and restaurants is a little overwhelming at times but I do like the fact that being a vegetarian does not mean I will live on salad and mountains of dairy products. My body is also grateful of the wider food options.

Being Home – Family, friends, community, childhood, previous lives. It all happened here and there is something lovely about the familiarity of it all.