Call Centres –  calling your bank, energy company, landlord, mobile company (the list goes on) all require an incredibly long mind numbing wait being forced to listen to Queen or Olly Murs. to add insult to injury. Before you even get to this stage however you have to go through at least three different lists of options, none of which actually cover the reason you are calling and even worse are the systems that constantly apologise for your wait. A living nightmare!!

Bills – Everything costs a fortune. There is rent, council tax, television licence, water rates, electric, gas, all require payment before you even get out of bed in the morning. I can’t even consider internet connection, fancy television channels, a house or contract mobile phone until I am sure I can cover all the above and have enough left over to feed myself.

Door Callers – charity, religious and the no idea so I am not even answer sort invading on my chill out at home time and also whilst I am on the street…please leave me alone. If I am interested in any of your services. I will call you!


Minimum Wage – Ok so life overseas requires you to work for a lot less  than £6.50p/h but you have the sunshine, , transport, accommodation, no bills to worry about as this is all covered. If you are lucky you even get the ‘freebies’ so sometimes it can be a struggle to spend the little money you do earn.

Buses – Needed to time your life and work around these and the dread when you just miss one. Also being in close proximity to everyone and anyone on a daily basis really opens your eyes to how smelly, unhygienic and rude some people are.

Shops – I go in for one thing and come out with three bags full. Please stop using your fancy marketing campaigns and vast range of products to make me purchase way more than I need.

Weather – My thinking was I would at least get sunshine during July and August the months when I am used to baking in. No, it is not to be, the rain and clouds do not allow it, and the odd moment the sun decides to puts its hat on…I am working of course!