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   I want to say sorry, sorry to anyone who has ever had to sit and deal with my sunny, smiley, beach and travel photographs over the years whilst sitting in the midst of a sodden UK summer. Those of you down south may not suffer as much but a summer in Scotland is really not a summer at all but an autumn, or a cool crisp spring at most.It is literally common to experience a hint of four seasons in one day, so you need layers and an umbrella is as essential as your money and your mobile whenever you venture outside. I have been lucky on previous returns to the UK when there was a freak sunshine and sunbathing in a bikini (yes, a bikini!) has even been possible. So sorry to all of you, some who have probably un-friended me for rubbing my glorious adventure and unlimited supplies of beautiful beaches and sunsets in your face without the hope of even a glimmer of sun in your near future.

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I am now on the receiving end of such ‘sun envy’ on multiple posts on social media and whilst trying to adapt back to a life in the UK this is by far the most difficult thing for me to overcome and although I do love seeing friends enjoying working lives or holidays overseas and getting a glimpse of places that are familiar and those that I have yet to explore I can’t help thinking, when will I see the sun again and will I ever be able to truly settle in the UK and survive on just holidays alone to help me deal with my sunshine cravings??

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So how do I deal with this sun envy?, I shall not be un-friending anyone (If I do, it is not for your photos!), everyone deserves their time in the sun, no more so than those that have to put up with British winters (oh, oh, that is me this year?!!) and I know those living in the sun are actually working lots of long days and nights and are well deserving of their relaxing time in the sunshine. So put up your pictures till your hearts content and enjoy every minute of your time in the sun as one day no matter where we are we all have to deal with gloomy weather at some point!

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So the only way I can really cope is to believe that I shall feel the REAL sun ( I know we have it here sometimes, but it is not very warm and it disappears again rather quickly!) on my skin again soon and feel the sand between my toes, it is not the end for me and Mr Sun we are just having a little break as I may have been taking him for granted a little and believing that flip flops and summer dresses where all that was needed in a wardrobe. Maybe I need to spend a little time away from you to truly appreciate the difference you make to my life. It also helps that I  have an abundance of  photographs to look through and remember that I am pretty fortunate to have travelled to all of the places I have so far and now I have this precious time to dream up my next sun drenched holidays and travel adventures. Living in the UK year in year out is surely only possible with lots of holidays every few months? Sod the new clothes and nights out my pennies will be saved for dealing with my ‘sun envy’ cravings. Pass me the travel guides and holiday brochures please 🙂