A rare luxury :)
A rare luxury 🙂

Near the end of each season as a rep I would begin to dream about going home and meeting up with friends and family but you would also start to crave the strangest things that have seemed so alien in your current life. Here is my top five craves when I have worked in the sun.

1. Bath – by far my favourite and what I crave the most, some reps are lucky enough to have these but as I was mostly based in Greece these are very rare and precious things, also just what you need when you are trying to acclimatise to the UK weather again.

2. Coffee Shops – I know its a strange one but the familiar Costa and Starbucks at any UK airport make me feel instantly at home and although I love all the wonderful varieties of tea and coffee overseas these chains are usually where my catch up with friends take place.

3. Duvet – Getting cosy under a thick duvet in a comfy bed after sleeping in some uncomfortable beds and dubious looking mattresses is quite literally bliss.

Costa catch up
Costa catch up

4. Carpets – After months of living in flip flops and walking on tiled floors a carpet is like an instant foot tickler.

5. Winter clothes – Again it is like a novelty to feel something thick and cozy on your skin after not even having to wear a cardigan in the evening.

And a few things that initially freak me out…

1. Cooking – Facing a real kitchen after living in a hotel or in a Greek style studio with one hob ring to cook with and no kettle or toaster is a terrifying thing. You literally have to relearn how to use it all again

2. Supermarkets – Walking into your average sized Tesco after your local shop being the size of your bedroom takes a bit of time getting used to. There is so much choice, where do you begin??

3. Flushing the toilet roll – After having to put it in the little smelly bin next to the toilet for six months and then having to empty said bin without throwing up, it seems somehow wrong to just flush that down your loo and hope it will all disappear??