innocence with an awful hair cut
innocence with an awful hair cut

Being a teenager is such a confusing, hormonal time and one that we never truly forget. So Little Miss Lisa, here is what I would say to you now.

Stay at home  just a little longer – Yes getting your own place and being a grown up feels great at 16. To be the one that had all the house party’s, sleepovers  and the one that everyone ran to when they fell out with their parents made you feel all grown up and mature. The reality is that you are going to be paying bills and looking after yourself for a long, long time (and believe me it is boring!), what is the rush?? Take advantage of the parent smothering for a little while longer,  be pampered, save up some money, or at least pop home for Sunday lunch.

You really do not need ALL that make up – Your skin is at its freshest and you looks beautiful and youthful, in twenty years you will need the make up (but be too lazy to bother) go fresh and free while you can and you then wont get the hassle for your mother for the mess you are constantly leaving behind. Besides that over bronzed face and white neck is not a look anyone can carry off.

You are not Superwoman – I know you were not scared of anything or anyone, you were so brave, so young and kept going no matter what. Emotions are a good thing and it is ok to cry or be scared or worried sometimes and speaking to someone (who you admire) will help put everything into perspective. Looking back I am scared stiff for some of the situations you put yourself in and can only be thankful that you are still around to tell the tales. There is some evil crazy people in this world and you my dear seem to attract them, so be careful.


School is important – Look I know it seems boring right now and you just want to be an adult but you may as well turn up (not hide in various parks and shopping centres!),do the work and learn as much as you can. P.E is really not that bad, yes you still run like a penguin but get involved, find something you enjoy and keep fitness in your everyday life. Compared to the 9-5 graft you have ahead of you, school is easy!

Learn a language – You never understood why you would need one but that is only because you had no idea how amazing this world is and how much you can embrace it so much more when you can travel and speak to locals. Your adult brain struggles too much with it so do it now!!

Fat? where? – Wearing age ten shorts at thirteen means you are anything but! Eat all the crap you want, while you can and please do not even consider saying you are fat as in a few years you will do anything to look like you do now. Enjoy it and embrace and when the pounds start a creeping on, find a way to keep them off!!

Don’t sweat the small stuff – Honestly the stuff that keeps you awake all night, is just nonsense. Get rid of the awful bitchy friends, saviour the good ones, and the family that drives you nuts will one be the ones you love the most one day. We are all different in this world and there is some things you will just have to learn to accept.


Embrace your creativity – What happened to all those vintage finds your wardrobe was full of? You had an amazing collection, some pieces that I would still love to wear today (not that they would fit,mind!) Yes the Barbie and Sindy dolls were a bit weird but I LOVE that you went ahead and collected them anyway!

Clubs, pubs and parties – Eighteen is really not such a long way off, why the rush? Yes it is great not being asked for ID at 16 but believe me its even better being 34 and still being asked for it! Your body does not need a few litres of cider every weekend, you will punish it enough when you are legal and one day you will even realise that nightclubs are pretty awful and everyone in them is so young, they just make you feel old…on second thoughts, go while you are young and enjoy them while they are still fun!

Travel sooner – Don’t wait until you are in your 20’s before deciding to take yourself on holiday and realising the world is huge and there is so much you want to discover. Just save up, go and be safe, there is so much time for you to get the career, mortgage babies etc.

Grandparents are great – They really will not be around forever so enjoy those precious moments while you can.Hug them, love them, learn from them and they always give you biscuits too!


Don’t take career advice from anyone – Parents, career advisor or friends. You are the one who knows what you will enjoy and you can be whoever and what ever you want to be as long as you are determined and prepared to put in the work.  As it turns out you have had more jobs than you care to remember but they have all taught you something.

Leave those eyebrows alone – What I would do to have those beautiful bushy eyebrows again, but it is not to be as you plucked the life out of them, also the more you shave, the worse it gets, and the more often you have to do it..

Boys like girls – They always do so you do not have to be half naked and roll up the waist of your school skirt to get their attention. Its not until you pop to the shop one day in your Pj’s looking rough that you realise men will always chat you up regardless. If your boobs are out, hide the legs and vice versa.

Learn to drive – I know you did not see the point when London had the amazing exciting transport system. You thankfully got there in the end, but it would have been a lot, lot easier and you might have not spent as much money as you did in your thirties when the fear and reality of what can potentially go wrong on the road set it.