Ok so I am a little late in posting this one but it is a yearly event and every time it comes around I have to make a decision whether to bet or not.

I am completely against animal cruelty and am fully aware how many injuries are caused yearly at the event. Even worse is yet another report of a death of a horse in this years race. Any time I do decide to place a bet and therefore watch the race it pains me to see just how many horses are crammed into such a small area. Horse racing injuries are far fewer the rest of the year and less horses generally race at a time but due to public demand and higher amounts of money to be made more horses are run with tougher jumps during The Grand National to practically have to rugby tackle to get over.


The reason why I want to bet is due to childhood memory with my dad. He always watched horse racing and every year he would ask me to pick a horse to bet on for The Grand National (I know under-age gambling!) I even remember actually going into the betting shop so am probably one of the few women I know who does not see those places as a terrifying testosterone filled box but just another childhood memory. In an ever changing world I find childhood memories harder to come by and when I place a bet the whole process makes me think of my dad and the advice he would give me on the betting odds (in the end I would always go for the name of the horse I liked best, obviously!)

So this year I decided not to bet (sorry dad). I told myself my dad would understand my reasons and maybe the races were not as cruel in his day. I did not watch the race either, I did not have to watch the suffering of those poor horses, but I would be lying if I said I did not miss it and miss the opportunity to imagine watching it with my dad in our old house, when I was ignorant to the injuries and deaths of the horses and just enjoyed a delightful father and daughter moment that are oh so precious to me now. Who knows what decision I shall make next year??